Recommended Reading

Ancestral Chef - Paleo recipes and thoughtful posts discussing Paleo food choices
Crunchy Mama - Paleo recipes, baby wearing, and cloth diapering
The Paleo Pantry - Paleo recipes
Living in the Ice Age - Recipes that are "ancestral in focus and founded upon paleo"

Do Silly Things - Paleo, borzois, design, linguistics, Russia, and fiction
Andi's Fitness Blog - Fitness, nutrition, and motivation
My Weight Out - Exploring what healthy means by a lovely friend who is a talented writer

Brand Schlesinger Oil Painting
 - Gorgeous oil paintings by a dear friend located in Portland
Elyse Kufeldt Photography - Our wonderful, talented photographer

Ziggy Stardust Cat Face - Photos of my sister's siamese cat
Dexter's Blog - Photos of my cat

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