Apple Cider

So, normally this time of year the days get colder and I have an excuse to pull out a big blanket, a book, and make some apple cider. But, this week it's been in the low 70's... Regardless of our still sunny temperatures, I've been in full Autumn mode. The other day I decided to decorate, so as we were putting up our spider web and making the house look spooooooky, I simmered some Apple Cider on the stove :)

Quick Apple Cider

750 mL organic unsweetened apple juice*
1/2 cup mulling spices**
1/2 cup brown sugar
10 ounces water

*Use a brand you know the sweetness of. If it is pretty sweet, cut back on the sugar, adjust the water, etc.
**You can buy them, but it's easy to make. Also, throwing some in an antique jar, printing this recipe, and tying it on with some ribbon makes a pretty little Autumn gift:)

If you prefer, put the milling spices into a muslin or a tea ball, but if you don't mind straining them out later, don't bother.

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan, simmer until desired temperature is reached, being careful not to boil. You could also make a larger batch and let it simmer in your slow cooker if you're having a get-together, or you have an enormous family who will drink it all evening long...

Bottle any extra, and store in your refrigerator. Just reheat to enjoy :)

(Yummy served with a little caramel)

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