Meal Planning Example #2

This past week's menu:

L: L @ work
D: Valentine's Day. First we went to Unexpected Production's the Comedy of Love (great). Then we went to Issian (highly recommended). Started with Edamame and "Oh! Tempura". Edamame was a little too salty for my tastes, otherwise great. The tempura was also yummy--super light and crunchy. We also had their vegetarian roll--sooo yummy. Tempura asparagus, daikon pickles, cucumber, and alfalfa=great combination. We had some filet mignon with issian sauce (sauce was amazing) served on a bed of mixed greens with mushrooms. So tender and juicy! The asparagus au gratin was not my favorite. But the yakitori was amaaaazing. Ishiyaki is my new favorite way of having my food cooked--all the meat retains so much flavor and moisture meaning it's also super tender. We were so full. But, of course we had to grab a pint of Molly Moon's theo chocolate ice cream to at least take home:)

L: L @ work
D: Southwest turkey burgers with baked onion rings

L: Out
D: Orange ginger chicken with sesame green beans (OH MY GOD AMAZING) and rice.

L: Leftover SW turkey burgers with roasted broccoli
D: Spaghetti bolognese (Tried a recipe from a blog I follow...and....yuck. Wow. Needed some serious doctoring just to be "okay". So sad.)

L: Stir fry with orange ginger chicken
D: Mikey @ work, Leanna out to Le Faux at Julia's with Candace

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  1. uhm it fully erased my comment from before...but i was saying how i really want the recipe for the sesame green beans!!! :)