Thanksgiving Preparations!

That whole being sick thing really threw me off. I'm so mixed up on days and dates and obligations. That's why Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me. This year is the first year I will be making the entire meal myself. I always attended other people's celebrations up until two years ago. That year, I did a beyond Vegan Thanksgiving dinner (basically just vegetables, salt, pepper, and oil). I did cook a semi-Thanksgiving meal that week for hubsface, but not full on. Last year I combined efforts with my mom. But, this year, it's all me. We all know I'm a planner, so realizing Thanksgiving was a week away yesterday was....interesting. I've been (over) planning ever since. Here's what I'm hoping happens...

Friday: Costco shopping. Half of grocery shopping.
Saturday: Last of shopping (ha...we'll see about that...I'm predicting a few last minute runs)
Tuesday: Bake a bunch of pumpkins. Make some pumpkin puree. Toast the bread for the stuffing. Prep ingredients (chop vegetables, bundle seasoning for turkey cavity, thaw all frozen ingredients, chop more vegetables, cinnamon roll dough?)
Wednesday: Prep any vegetables I forgot (inevitable), cinnamon roll prep, mashed potatoes, decide if we're doing yams (yup.), make herb butter for turkey, drink wine...or whiskey, dress the cat up for stress relief, maybe look at stuffing recipes? (I like the thrill), crash.
Thursday: Wake up and question why I thought this was a good idea, set rolls to rise, bake cinnamon rolls and quiche so that I eat and don't get extremely irritable, rub the bird down, stuff the bird, throw the bird in the oven, heat potatoes? (still not even sure what method I'm employing, decide on a stuffing method, decide on a potato method, forget about the turkey, drink coffee, cook some rolls and green beans, pour champagne, sit down for dinner and forget that we're missing a crucial element, eat, decide we're not doing thanksgiving traditionally next year, play games, put up christmas tree, kiss the cat.
One year later: Forget about last year's resolution, begin again.
It's the cranberry sauce. I forgot about it in the planning, I'll totally forget about it on the day. Oh and the pie. And the whipped cream. It's all good....

Clearly having three different lists (two on paper, one on computer) is not helping.


  1. bahahaha. you're awesome.

  2. :) doumo.

    uhmm why are the fb comments so screwy?! wahhhh i don't know what im doinggggg.