On joining the HASHTAGpaleo team!

I wanted to take the time to announce I will now be contributing to and representing HASHTAGpaleo! What started out as a means to share recipes on their Instagram, HASHTAGpaleo has now expanded into a full network after the website launch.
I loved participating in the Instagram features, and was even featured myself a couple times!

Now that I'm part of the team, I am going to be contributing to HPress Journal. The team is also producing videos, events, tours, etc. All the content is super fun, inspirational, and all about connecting globally. So, if you haven't, you should definitely check it out. I'm looking forward to connecting with some local, sustainable brands and restaurants. I'm also just really excited to be part of a such a creative, passionate team and I hope you enjoy the content I'm involved in. Thanks for all your support!

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