Needle Felted Pumpkin

I've taken up a new addiction: needle felting. It's fantastic, easy, and you have complete artistic control. It's essentially sculpting with wool. I'm in love. I've made a few things thus far: cat toys, gnomes, a raven for my sister, and a pumpkin! The pumpkin was the biggest project, but still really only took about 45 minutes of felting. I plan on making a little patch, and attaching them with some vines... :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take process photos, but I began with some core roving, made a general shape of a pumpkin, added layers and layers of oranges, yellows, reds, and greens to get a natural look. I made it slightly lopsided, because those are my favorite kinds of pumpkins, and then I continued to felt in some lines to get the shape. I made a stem, felted that on, and called it good! I could definitely do more, but I like it simple, and not over thought.


  1. omg. I LOVE this!!! so cute... now I will have to go look up felting... *grin* just what I need a hobby *lol*

  2. I know..same.... I'm too ambitious when it comes to crafting.. haha.