Days two and three of the real food pledge

It's going really well! We haven't given in to any processed, preservative-filled, fried, or sugar filled things. I haven't been sleeping well (read: at all) so it's hard to tell a difference energy-wise. I would say I do feel a more stable energy level, whether it's low or really low, hahaha:) Husbandface also reported feeling a "smoother" energy level, with no drop offs (seeing how he usually starts his day with cereal).

Yesterday for breakfast we had slow scrambled eggs, kale, and toast with watermelon and apple slices. It was amazing. For my snack, I had a whole milk latte with honey. We did sandwiches with turkey from our local butcher, havarti, and lettuce for lunch. Last night we went to Kirkland's city council meeting to support KTUB's case against the YMCA, so our dinner plans were slightly messed up. Instead of stir fry, we made some whole wheat semolina pasta with asparagus, green beans, and carrots. It was delicious, and hubsface requested it for lunch again today! We snacked on peanut butter toast, and fruit/veggies.

Today, I woke up early to go to work, so we were unable to do breakfast together. I had some toast, and an apple with peanut butter later on once I woke up more. The husband also had toast, with peanut butter, and something else I am forgetting about. I snacked on turkey and veggies, then we did pasta with veggies for lunch. We also had some coffee with honey for our afternoon snack. Right now, we have a whole roasted chicken in the slow cooker, the meat is falling off the bones, and it's smells so incredible. I am going to make a vegetable tian to go along with it.

I'm going to bake something soon, and I'm excited to completely substitute natural sweeteners for refined sugar, instead of just partially like I usually do.


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