this is how i write recipes on mpt.

That man I live with and engaged in a commitment ceremony with is sick. So, with this perpetual bone broth going on, I decided Primal Pho was in order. This is how I write my recipes to share on Modern Primal Tribe, so you're getting a real inside look here. Join the fun... if you can decipher it.

Kinda "Pho"
8 cups bone broth (I used bones/skin/cartilage from 2 chickens, veggie scraps from peppers and parsnips, 1 onion, 1 head garlic, rosemary/sage/bay leaves, some carrots, celery scraps/leaves/extra ribs, apple, water to cover)

fresh ginger
4 cloves garlic
cinnamon stick
whole cloves
1T fish sauce
spicy shit of choice
thai basil
bok choy
shrooms (magic ones)
meat of some sort

Have some broth going. Put 8 or so cups in a sauce pan (or however much you want to make, just tone down the rest of the ingredients accordingly...duh).

Use a microplane to grate garlic over the saucepan. Grate some of your ginger. Cut the rest of your ginger in half, tie it up in cheesecloth with a cinnamon stick, some cloves, some star anise if you have it, and toss it in the broth. Add some fish sauce. Also good: rice vin, apple cider vin, mirin, any asiany sauces you've got floating around... 

Let that shit simmer and get all happy with one another. Slice your onion realllll thin like and throw it in. Slice your meat real thin like and drop it in. The longer you can let it hang out in there the softer it'll be. Although, if you're in a rush, just use some tender loving beef, or chicken, sliced suuuuuuper thin, and no one will get hurt. 

You're gonna want to add your vegetables according to how long they need to cook (not long! You want them softies). I threw them all in at the same time, because they all needed the same amount ish: carrot, broccoli, baby bok choy, mushrooms. Throw a lid on for some green steaming action. Pop your top off.

Later on, when you aren't so challenged, you can serve this over spaghetti squash as a rice thread noodle sub. [For you non-Primals, don't worry about this and get yourself some rice noods]

Pour shit in bowl. Lotsobroth. Pile high with bean sprouts, torn thai basil, lotsoscallions/greenonion/whatevsyoucallit, fresh lime juice, extra fish sauce, srirachaaaaaaaaaaaa:/, deliciousness. Oh, yeah, fish out that packet of spicy stuff. Grab your favorite chopsticks and asian soup spoon. Slurp.

Cures all ailments from the common cold to male pattern baldness.

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    that looks soo good. especially because I'm sick to :(
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