Primal update - 12 days in!

We're 12 days into doing the Primal Challenge (me on Modern Primal Tribe thanks to the wonderful Elyse) and... WOW. I feel fantastic. I felt fantastic on, like, day two. Sooo... yeah. I mean increased happiness, increased body happiness, increased energy, increased excitement for food, etc, etc. After two days, sugar cravings became basically nonexistent. When they do pop up, I only crave dark chocolate for the most part, which is totally Primal. I feel a steady arch of energy throughout the day--there are no ups and downs. I feel less aches and pains. I feel more present, and in control. I want to emphasize this is because I'm actually getting and absorbing the nutrients my body requires (bioavailability, kids!). For those of you more concerned with qualitative results: after one week, I had lost over 5 pounds and over 3 inches.

Here's what I wrote on the day of the first week's end/weigh in:

"-So much energy. Constant arc of energy throughout day. FEELS FANTASTIC.
-Emotional well being above average. Can't say that is just Primal, though, because I was feeling that way the week or two before it as well.
-Didn't have any grains, legumes, wine, coffee, etc.
-Not much fruit for me (less than normal--actually had to convince myself to eat berries every once in a while).
-So many vegetables. More than normal. Which is insane. Went through all FC veggies + carrots/celery/green beans from grocery store + 3 lb bag broccoli + 3 lb bag brussel sprouts + pillow size bag of kale + bag of 4 peppers
-More meat!! Sooo much more meat than I normally eat. Actually starting to enjoy it, too, within the past 2 days. [note: craving meat now... haha.. first time ever?]
-Figured out a breakfast plan that actually works for me... FINALLY! Simply put, no breakfast. I do fantastic with my first meal just being lunch. [It feels awesome finally not feeling guilty about not wanting to eat breakfast!]
-Enjoying food more because of only eating when I'm hungry instead of eating when I think I "should".
-Ate less dairy (no milk because no coffee/not much yogurt).
-Walked 6 hrs 40 min as a minimum.
-Danced/did yard work.
-Did better at actually eating when I'm alone.
-Lost 5.2 pounds and 3.44 inches"

Honestly, I could not care less about the weight/inches, thing. Anyone who knows me knows I love who I am in my body/what I look like, but I just want to feel good. I never thought feeling good could feel so...great! Hahah. It sounds silly, but honestly, this is amazing. And anytime something non-primal comes up, I'm making a conscious decision not to have it based on the fact that nothing tastes good enough to feel that shitty! It's an easy decision, and one I'm excited to make. Plus, once the challenge is over, I will, every once in a while, indulge in something non-primal (80/20!). But, more excitingly, I will get to try my hand at some primal baking every once in a while! SUPER excited.

This is making me so much more excited to be in the kitchen. I'm cooking ALL THE TIME. And I am absolutely loving turning things Primal. I absolutely love making things from scratch, so with the added of challenge of making them Primal, I'm basically more excited than ever in the kitchen. Primal versions of things have been actually tasting better to me than their non-primal equivalents. Fajitas, lasagna, tacos, etc, all taste better to me when I make them primally.

My favorite part is that it's not a stupid diet. It's not a New Year's resolution. It's not a strict plan full of exhausting rules, guilt, and exhausting exercise routines. It's not set up for failure. It's a simple, forgiving, no guilt, logically-sound lifestyle change.

*This post almost sounds like I just joined a cult. I'm totally ok with that. It doesn't even come close to matching my excitement/satisfaction:) So, a big thank you to our cult leader, Elyse, for introducing me;)

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  1. BAHAHA. Cults. Funny.

    But I know what you mean. It's just awesome to feel so awesome! Amirite?!

    I'm excited for our joint primal baking adventures. I need some help in that area, and you are a far better baker than I :D